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Spring Watch 2016 - Trees and Wildflowers - submit a new sighting

Step 1: Select a species

Alder: 1st FlowersAlnus glutinosa
Ash: 1st leaves (budburst)Fraxinus excelsior
Aspen: budburstPopulus tremula
Bilberry: floweringVaccinium myrtillus
Bilberry: ripe berriesVaccinium myrtillus
Bilberry: unripe berriesVaccinium myrtillus
Bluebells: 1st flowersHyacinthoides non-scripta
Colt's Foot: 1st flowersTussilago farfara
Cowberry: floweringVaccinium vitis-idaea
Cowberry: ripe berriesVaccinium vitis-idaea
Cowberry: unripe berriesVaccinium vitis-idaea
Garlic Mustard: 1st flowerAlliaria petiolata
Grass: 1st cuttingCuttus grassus
Hawthorn: 1st flowersCrataegus monogyna
Hazel: 1st catkinsCorylus avellana
Lady's Smock: 1st flowersCardamine pratensis
Osier: budburstSalix viminalis
Primrose: 1st flowersPrimula vulgaris
Rowan: budburstSorbus aucuparia
Rowan: leaves openedSorbus aucuparia

Instructions on use

Click on a species (plant or animal) in the list (in red). If the list is longer than your screen then either use Live Search or the scoll bar to find the species you want to use.

Note: all steps must be completed to successfully submit a sighting!