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  • Latest News

    Latest News

    Warmest winter on record? Grass has not stopped growing. Unpresented rainfall this winter. Is our climate changing or is this just the norm for Irish weather?

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  • 2016 ... and we are still here!

    2016 ... and we are still here!

    Nature's Calendar Ireland has been running for seven years now. Started in 2005 we have been collecting phenology data from the public to help monitor Ireland's climate.

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  • What is phenology?

    What is phenology?

    Nature's Calendar or phenology is not a competition to find the first event. It is important that your observations note the general pattern of events,

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  • Synchronization in Nature

    Synchronization in Nature

    At various times of the year, different natural 'events' occur. We recognize that 'spring' is on the way when we see some of these events such as flowers opening

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Listen: The sound of spring. Hopeful frog!

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