Spring Watch 2016 -- Frogs Birds Butterflies Moths

Over the last 17 years frogs have been spawning regularly between mid January and the first week of February. During the last three Springs we have had sightings as early as January 10th (all these sightings were confirmed). So the arrival of frog spawn can be taken as an indication that the year has turned and that spring is in the air.

Many of the animals in the list are migratory birds that either pass through Ireland on their way to some other country, or those that have chosen Ireland as their destination.

Arrivals generally begin in March; many leave between August and October.

The identification some of these species depends on recognizing their song.

Birds are very important to understand Nature's Calendar. They come to Ireland mainly to feed. If the climate or weather has changed enough to affect their food source, then the birds will be consequently affected when they arrive here.
For an ecosystem (a place where there are several communities of plants and animals living together) to survive all aspects of the ecosystem must be synchronized. The weather plays a major part in controlling this synchronization.

The species that Nature's Calendar is collecting data on is listed on the right column. Every observation matters, even if it is only one in the season.


The following are seasonal and you can leave sighting for them here. Click on Submit your sightings above.

Amphibian- Frog: 1st spawn
Amphibian- Frog: 1st tadpoles
Bird- Arctic Tern: 1st. sighting
Bird- Blackcap: 1st sighting or its song
Bird- Chiffchaff : 1st. sighting or its song
Bird- Corncrake: 1st sighting or its song
Bird- Cuckoo: 1st song
Bird- Great Skua: 1st. sighting
Bird- House Martin: 1st sighting
Bird- Manx Shearwater: 1st. sighting
Bird- Puffin: 1st. sighting
Bird- Sand Martin: 1st. sighting
Bird- Spotted Flycatcher: 1st. sighting
Bird- Swallow: 1st Sighting
Bird- Swift: 1st. sighting or its song
Bird- Wheatear: 1st. sighting
Bird- Whitethroat: 1st. sighting
Bird- Willow Warbler: 1st. sighting or song
Bumble bee: 1st sighting (any bumble bee)
Butterfly: 1st Orange Tip
Butterfly: 1st Peacock
Moth: 1st Hummingbird Hawk moth