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Spring Watch 2016 - Trees and Wildflowers

SW2010-Trees and wildflowers

Here are the species and events to watch for in this section. Most are trees.

Alder: 1st Flowers
Alder: 1st leaves (budburst)
Ash: 1st leaves (budburst)
Aspen: budburst
Beech: 1st leaves (budburst)
Bilberry: flowering
Bilberry: ripe berries
Bilberry: unripe berries
Bird Cherry tree: flowering
Bird Cherry tree: ripe berries
Bluebells: 1st flowers
Colt's Foot: 1st flowers
Cowberry: flowering
Cowberry: ripe berries
Cowberry: unripe berries
Downy Birch: 1st leaves (budburst)
Downy Birch: start of flowering
Elder: 1st leaves (budburst)
Garlic Mustard: 1st flower
Grass: 1st cutting
Grey Alder: flowering
Hawthorn: 1st flowers
Hawthorn: 1st leaves (budburst)
Hazel: 1st catkins
Hazel: 1st leaves (budburst)
Horse Chestnut: 1st leaves (budburst)
Juniper: flowering (pollen release)
Lady's Smock: 1st flowers
Larch, European: unfolding of needles
Lesser Celandine: 1st flowers
Norway Spruce: flowering (pollen release)
Norway Spruce: start of height growth
Oak, Pedunculate: 1st leaves (budburst)
Oak, Sessile: 1st leaves: budburst
Osier: budburst
Primrose: 1st flowers
Rowan: budburst
Rowan: leaves opened
Scot Pine: onset of growth
Scots Pine: flowering (female)
Scots Pine: flowering (male)
Silver Birch: 1st leaves (budburst)
Silver Birch: start of flowering
Sycamore: 1st leaves (budburst)
Wild Cherry tree: budburst (May shoots)
Wood anemone: 1st flowers

You can request any data you submit to the web site to be sent to you. Data will be sent out after June for Spring Watch'. Only your own data will be made available to you.