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Spring Watch 2016 -- Frogs Birds Butterflies Moths


The following are seasonal and you can leave sighting for them here. Click on Submit your sightings above.

Amphibian- Frog: 1st spawn
Amphibian- Frog: 1st tadpoles
Bird- Arctic Tern: 1st. sighting
Bird- Blackcap: 1st sighting or its song
Bird- Chiffchaff : 1st. sighting or its song
Bird- Corncrake: 1st sighting or its song
Bird- Cuckoo: 1st song
Bird- Great Skua: 1st. sighting
Bird- House Martin: 1st sighting
Bird- Manx Shearwater: 1st. sighting
Bird- Puffin: 1st. sighting
Bird- Sand Martin: 1st. sighting
Bird- Spotted Flycatcher: 1st. sighting
Bird- Swallow: 1st Sighting
Bird- Swift: 1st. sighting or its song
Bird- Wheatear: 1st. sighting
Bird- Whitethroat: 1st. sighting
Bird- Willow Warbler: 1st. sighting or song
Bumble bee: 1st sighting (any bumble bee)
Butterfly: 1st Orange Tip
Butterfly: 1st Peacock
Moth: 1st Hummingbird Hawk moth