About Nature's Calendar

NaturesCalendarIreland.com is an independent resource dedicated to people in Ireland interested in the influence of our weather and climate on plants, animals and ecosystems.

Initially this web site developed under Biology.ie which was founded in August 2005 by Paul Whelan as an interactive tool for the collection of Nature's Calendar or phenology observations.

Biology.ie's subsequent development lead to the obvious need for Nature's Calendar Ireland to have its own site.

Nature's Calendar Ireland does more than just 'collect' or 'ask' for sightings. It 'gives back' to users by allowing them to View other people's sightings. In 2009 a new My sightings feature was added to allow users to filter out their own sightings from the maps, again 'giving back' to the user.

Data verification

  • Sightings entered on the maps which fall within the normal 'experience' of a species and with a valid email address are accepted.
  • Sightings with an invalid email address are deleted from the maps.
  • Sightings with a valid email address and which are 'unusual' will be followed up to 'verify' the sighting.

So the verification procedure is the same as for current paper-based surveys run by wildlife groups.

Contact us

Send an email to info at naturescalendarireland dot com

Who owns the data?

Data collected on the site is owned by either (i) www.naturescalendarireland.com or (ii) by the organisation or group that makes a contribution to Nature's Calendar Ireland to run and maintain the survey.

Data must not be taken down from the web site without written consent from Nature's Calendar Ireland.

School students can use the data freely in school projects. Please email to tell us what your project is.

Nature's Calendar Ireland is not responsible for how the data is used or any conclusions made from it.

All data collected is available to the National Biodiversity Data Centre.